Alliance of Lordaeron

The Alliance of Lordaeron

The Alliance of Lordaeron was the union of the seven human nation of Azeroth, Lordaeron, Alterac, Gilneas, Stromgarde, Kul'Tiras and Dalaran, as well as the Bronzebeard Clan of Khaz'Modan, the Wildhammer Clan of Aerie Peak, the Gnomes of Gnomeregan, and the elves of Quel'Thalas.

Following the destruction of the Kingdom of Azeroth in the First War by the Orcish Horde, its survivors fled to the Kingdom of Lordaeron. Realizing the threat the orcs posed, Regent Lord Anduin Lothar, leader of Azeroth's refugees, was able to convince the leaders of the other human kingdoms to join against the orcs. The Wildhammer dwarves of Aerie Peak also soon joined the Alliance, as their lands had come under attack by the Horde. The high elves initially joined with reluctance, being honour-bound to come to the aid of Lothar, the last descendant of the Arathi bloodline. Their reluctance turned to grudging enthusiasm when they realized that the Amani trolls had joined the conflict on the side of the Horde.

Downfall of the AllianceEdit

After the death of Lothar, and subsequent end of the Second War in Azeroth, the Alliance of Lordaeron was led by King Terenas Menethil II with Turalyon as its Commander. Shortly after Dark Portal was finally closed, several nations left the Alliance in response to King Terenas's institution of a tax to fund the orcish internment camps.

In the years following the splintering, and the betrayal of Arthas Menethil, the Alliance was ravaged during the attack of the Undead Scourge and the Burning Legion. The nations of Quel'Thalas, Gilneas, Stromgarde and Alterac (by virtue of its destruction during the Second War) already having left the Alliance meant that only the nations of the south remained, rendering the Alliance of Lordaeron, by all rights, no longer existent.