Apostolos Xavier Solstice


Highmage of the Circle of Stormwind
First Wizard of the Conclave
Archmage of Stormwind City
Steward of the Wizard's Sanctum


Henry Gracewood


Great One
The Keeper
The Steward

Date of Birth

588 K.C.


House of Mournhold
Kingdom of Stormwind
Grand Alliance
Stormwind Circle of Magi

Previous Titles

Professor of Enchantment
Master Enchanter of the Conclave



Immediate Relatives

Meorana L. Mournhold (Great Grandmother)
Balverine C. Drakewing (cousin)
Aros J. Drakewing (cousin)
Nathias P. Solstice (Brother)

Archwizard Apostolos Solstice is the current reigning First Wizard of the Stormwind Circle of Magi. While he is  new to the role of First Wizard he is not unfamiliar with the politics of the kingdom's magical community. His rise to power is highly controversial within Stormwind's Circle but through his election to the position a much more devestating outcome was effectively avoided.



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