Faulkenburg before the First War.

The Barony of Faulkenburg is a virtually defunct fiefdom within the Kingdom of Stormwind. Before the First War the barony was primarily composed of the mountainous land to the east of Stormwind City and just north of what is now known as Stone Cairn Lake. The mountainous landholding, although small, contained several productive gold and silver mines, a fact which brought great wealth to the Barons of the House of Manstein who ruled over the tiny silver of a fiefdom in the years before the First War.

With the razing of Stormwind by the orcs during the First War the barony was abandoned by its owners. The lucrative gold and silver mines of the land were taken over by the orcs of the new Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer's Horde, their wealth used to fuel the construction of the great Horde armada that would later invade Lordaeron during the Second War.

At the conclusion of the Second War, the surviving members of the House of Manstein returned to find their ancestral lands utterly destroyed. The mines had been picked clean of all their precious ore, the dangerous and rocky mountain paths had been left untended, and the great family manor nothing more but smoldering embers. With few heirs, no serfs, and the land's only commodity depleted, the land has been all but abandoned, only its title is still alive under the head of the House of Manstein.


The ruins of the barony after the Second War. Since then even the buildings have rotted to non-existence.


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