The College of Canons

(Clergy of the Holy Light)



Bishop Johannes Moorwhelp


Cathedral of Light


Lawful Good

Current Status

Stable and Growing

The College of Canons (commonly referred to as the "Clergy of the Holy Light") is a group of religious "Canons", or clerics attached directly to the Cathedral of Light.  They are a subdivision of the Church of the Holy Light.  By order of Archbishop Benedictus, the College of Canons is overseen by the bishop of Stormwind, Johannes Moorwhelp.


The College of Canons was founded for the purposes of providing a stable group of clerics (priests, paladins and monks) who can fulfill the ministerial needs of the Cathedral of Light.  Unlike most priests of the Church of the Holy Light, the clerics of the College of Canons are directly obedient to the offices of the Cathedral and do not take on parishes or obligations of governance outside of the city of Stormwind.  This is not to say that the members of the College do not leave the city.  They vow to serve the needs of the Cathedral, which, being the center of the Church, extends far beyond the borders of the kingdom of Stormwind.  The College of Canons is well known for its involvement in diplomatic relations and for its assistance in the current war between the Grand Alliance and the Orcish Horde.


The College of Canons has various offices which allow for the many ministries of the Cathedral.

The Church College of Canon Law, overseen by Erich Gottfried Manstein, is the office of the College of Canons which issues and interprets the laws of the Holy Office of the Sacred College of Canons.  The laws of the Holy Office, though officially refered to as "law" are commonly also called "Canons" which is often confused with the title of a cleric within the College of Canons.

The Office of Divine Liturgy, overseen by Mellar Servus, is the office of the College of Canons which issues and interprets the liturgical texts of the College of Canons.  Namely, the Codex of Rites, the Divine Office, and the Canon which is the body of sacred texts which the members of the College hold in great esteem.

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