Dominion of Alterac

Coat of Arms

The banner of the Dominion differs from Alterac's as a sign of redemption - the colors have been changed from black to white and gold. The orange remains the same, as does the Alteracian hawk.


Jerreld Westfield

Current Head

Hendrek Westfield


Highlord of the Alterac Army

Regent of Alterac

Secondary Leaders

Alexander Vardus


Currently Inactive

The Dominion of Alterac is a military organization created shortly after the Second War with the sole goal of reclaiming the Kingdom of Alterac from the Alterac Syndicate, Ogres of the Crushridge Tribe and the Forsaken. The Dominion intends to help in reclaiming the other lost kingdoms of Lordaeron to cement its place in the Grand Alliance. The current leader of the Dominion is Highlord Hendrek Westfield. The Dominion was put on hold as the Forsaken fortified the area surrouding Alterac, in fear of a bloody slaughter.


The Dominion of Alterc was created shortly after the occupation of Alterac and the Second War by Jerreld Westfield, a noble of Alterac and Army Commander. Jerreld's loyalties were to the Alliance of Lordaeron, not the the traitorous King Aiden Perenolde. As of such he was allowed to create and arm a small military force that was devoted to the guarding and protection of Alterac and the surrounding area. 

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