The Dominion of the Sun is an organization founded some time after the fall of the Lich King. It originated as a private militia, but later expanded into the field of archaeology, weapons research, and education. The Dominion is now one of the most influential organizations in the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas in both a military and social sense.

The goals of the Dominion are not entirely certain. Although the organization participates in several campaigns across Azeroth, chiefly against the Grand Alliance, many of the Dominion's objectives are still shrouded in conspiracy. Only a handful of its elite members truly understand the cryptic symbolism revolving the organization's agenda. In spite of numerous theories on the nature of the organization, nothing has been confirmed.

In addition to an impressive battle record achieved by its robust army, the Dominion has gained the acknowledgement of Silvermoon City's populace as leading advocates of social progress, culture, and refinement. This "Enlightenment" movement has manifested itself in several events hosted by the organization, such as the Silvermoon Symposium, in an effort to share knowledge and ideas with the general public.

Though the Dominion has chosen not to share all of its secrets, it is clear that the majority of its acquisitions are made from a joint cooperation with the Reliquary of Silvermoon. The Reliquary regularly benefits from the conquests made by the Dominion across the world, receiving artifacts and shards of history that would otherwise be seized by rival factions.

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