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The Duchy of Golshire is a realm within the Kingdom of Stormwind, located in central Elwynn Forest.

Town of GoldshireEdit

The fortified seat of the Duchy of Goldshire has roads that lead to Stormwind City to the northwest, Northshire Abbey to the northeast, Westfall to the west, and Lakeshire to the east. Its prime location makes it an important trade town.

Heavily protected and patrolled by the Stormwind guards, it sports a population of 700 citizens — mostly farmers, miners, and traders. Marshal Dughan of the Elwynn Brigae is the current steward of the duchy, as the current heir is too young to hold the office. Many refugees from Westfall moved to Goldshire and Elwynn Forest in an attempt to escape the Defias Brotherhood.

Just south of Goldshire are located the Fargodeep Mine, The Maclure Vineyards, and The Stonefield Farm. To the east is Crystal Lake.

The Lion's Pride InnEdit

Travelers, merchants, adventurers, Stormwind guards, and priests from the abbey all stop and make regular visits to the town on their way to and from Stormwind, usually enjoying the hospitality of the Lion's Pride Inn, one of the most renowned and lively ale houses in Azeroth. Much controversy surrounds the tavern. While some write it off as a seedy brothel that needs purging by men of the cloth, others claim that it is a wild and exciting experience that exemplifies the wealth the subjects of Goldshire can spend on their indulgences. It is owned by Inkeeper Farley. The bar is tended by Dobbins "Another Round" MacGee.

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The Armory.

The ArmoryEdit

This armory is decent enough. With fair prices and friendly faces, one would be able to find quality service along with quality steel. Owned by the one named Smith Argus, who takes pleasure in teaching adventures the ways of the blacksmith, this building is all in all much more safe than the inn across the street.


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