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Eastvale Logging Camp

Eastvale Logging Camp is located within the County of Eastvale, in the far east part of Elwynn Forest, near the border with Redridge Mountains. Due to the camps location on the outskirts of the forest, wild animals have become a problem and are known to enter the camp and cause trouble. The guards deal with stray bears and wolves as an almost daily occurance. The camp is overseen by Marshal McCree, who commands the guards in the camp as well as the guards in Ridgepoint Tower to the south of the camp. The camp was overrun by orcs in the First War and was used by them to fuel their war efforts until it was retaken during the Second War


Eastvale is known primarily for it's lumbermill as it supplies much of the Kingdom of Stormwind with the lumber needed for construction. Eastvale lumber is used extensively by the Stormwind Navy to build its fleet of warships and airships. The camp is also known for its stables, which have been run by the Hunter family for generations. Eastvale bred horses are said to be some of the strongest work horses in the kingdom. The Eastvale horses are often used by the Stormwind Army to pull wagons of supplies into war zones as they are not easily spooked.


Adapted from Wowpedia