Hendrek Westfield
WoWScrnShot 020313 171521


Ex-Highlord of the Dominion of Alterac
Knight of the Silver Hand

Date of Birth

581 K.C.


House of Westfield
Order of the Silver Hand
Alterac Army
Grand Alliance



Immediate Relatives

Jerreld Westfield (Father-Deceased)
Linda Westfield (Mother-Deceased)
Elizabeth Westfield (Wife-Deceased)
Kellen Westfield (Son-Presumed Deceased)

Highlord Hendrek Westfield is the self-proclaimed regent of the Kingdom of Alterac and a veteran of the Second War. He fought against Stromgarde's forces when martial law was declared on Alterac, unknowning of King Aliden Perenolde's betrayal. Highlord Westfeld commands the Alterac Army of the new Dominion.

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