The House of Morgan
House Morgan

Coat of Arms

A mountain on the left crested by a red bar on a field of blue, three lions on the right on a field of yellow.


Mountain Watch

Current Head

Lady Morgan


Burning Steppes


Duke of the Red Steppes (defunct)


Morgans of the Burning Steppes


Lord Halford Morgan


c. 15 K.C.

The House of Morgan reigned over the Red Steppes prior to the War of the Three Hammers. Once a grand house, the House of Morgan has been reduced to Lady Morgan and a handful of armsmen scattered throughout the land. It serves the House of Wrynn.


After the War for Stormwind's Independence, the House of Wrynn granted Halford Morgan lordship over the Red Steppes after its late liberation from the Arathorian Empire. For centuries, the House of Morgan retained an iron grip on the land's resources, both generously rewarding its supporters and crushing any peasant rebellions with its hardy mountain army.

War of the Three HammersEdit

During the War of the Three Hammers, Lord Reginald Morgan led the armies of the Red Steppes along with cavalry from the Redridge Mountains against the Dark Iron Clan. When the war turned and the Dark Iron Dwarves faced defeat, they summoned the elemental firelord, Ragnaros, who sundered the Red Steppes into the hellish wasteland it is known as today.

Reclamation EffortsEdit

Since the War of the Three Hammers, the House of Morgan has made several failed attempts to reclaim the Burning Steppes for the Kingdom of Stormwind. The most recent attempts by Lady Morgan have been sparse at best, and many of her armsmen seem fatigued to the point of madness.