The Kingdom of Alterac


King Aiden Perenold(formerly)


Alterac City


Alliance of Lordaeron (traitor)
The Horde



Betrayal can never be forgiven.

-Thoras Trollbane

Alterac was one of the seven human kingdoms to join the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War. It was situated in the foothills and mountains of the land now known as the Alterac Mountained. Ruled by Lord Aiden Perenold, Alterac was the weakest kingdom in the Alliance and wasa relatively small contributor of soldiers and supplies.


The Kingdom of Alterac was formed when the Arathorian Empire was divided into seven separate kingdoms. Alterac was a relatively small kingdom compared to the others nations that arose from the ashes of Arathor. Its main city, Alterac City, encompassed most of the territory of the kingdom and was located within the rugged and mountainous area of the Alterac Mountains. The kingdom also included the relatively prosperous town of Strahnbrad, which currently acts as a primary base of operations for the Syndicate.

When news of the orcish Horde arrived to Lordaeron, Alterac, led by Lord Aiden Perenold, was initially reluctant to join the Alliance of Lordaeron. However, Perenold was quickly pressured into committing his kingdom as all the other nations of the Eastern Kingdoms began to pledge themselves to the Alliance. Fearing he might be left out, Perenold joined the Alliance.

When the war began to favored the orcs, and the future looked grim for the Alliance, Perenold began to fear for the safety of his kingdom. Terrified for his kingdom should the Alliance fail, Lord Perenolde collaborated with the Orcish Horde, supplying them with information in exchange for the survival of the kingdom. Perenolde arranged for a convoy of Quel'dorei passing through Tarren Mill to be ambushed 

Old Alterac

Alterac before its destruction during the Second War.

by trolls, organized a peasant revolt in Tyr's Hand to cover mining operations there, and attempted to assassinate Sir Uther the Lightbringer by employing pirates to tamper with the Order of the Silver Hand. Perenolde also allowed the Horde to pass unimpeded by mountain passes in Alterac towards the Kingdom of Lordaeron.

After Perenolde's treachery was uncovered, the army of the Kingdom of Stromgarde, led by King Thoras Trollbane, travelled to the small kingdom, quickly besieging the city. The army of Alterac, small as it was, could not resist the men of Stromgarde and the city soon feel, most of it destroyed in the process. 

As a kingdom, Alterac effectively ended when the forces of Lordaeron and Stromgarde overthrew Lord Perenolde. However, the Syndicate that arose during the anarchy-filled days after the nation’s dissolution became a politically active as well as militarily forceful entity. Despite their efforts, the Alterac area remains disputed and unrested, with the ruins of the city controlled by the Crushridge ogres and the remaining Alterac survivors scattered in camps and the ruins of Strahnbrad