The Kingdom of Kul'Tiras




Lord-Admiral Tandred Proudmoore



Kul'Tiras is not a state with a navy, but a navy with a state.

-Former Stormwind Ambassador to Kul'Tiras, Erich Manstein

Kul Tiras is a human nation located on a series of islands south-west of the former Kingdom of Lordaeron and west of the mountains of Khaz'Modan. Currently Kul'Tiras is a member of the Grand Alliance, however, due to the significant defeat of Kul'Tirian armada under command of Lord-Admiral Daelin Proudmoore by Warchief Thrall and the Admiral's daughter, Jaina Proudmoore the power of the nation has been serverely reduced. 


Before the Second War Kul'Tiras was known to host the largest navy in the known world. Kul'Tirian trading caravels and warships alike prowled the Baradin Sea nearly unopposed by the other human nations of the Eastern Kingdoms. 

It was at the onset of the Second War that Daelin Proudmoore, the Lord-Admiral and King of Kul Tiras, pledged his fleets to the Alliance of Lordaeron. Proudmoore, during his service in the war would become the  first Grand Admiral of the Alliance and a hero to many conservative elements of the Alliance after the war. 

The Grand Admiral and ruler of Kul'Tiras would meet his end as the bulk of the Kul'Tirian fleet pursued the fleeing orcs under Thrall just before the Third War. Betrayed by his daughter, Proudmoore was slain by Thrall and the mantle of leadership of Kul'Tiras passed to his son, Tandred Proudmoore.

Current StatusEdit


Boralus, capital city of Kul'Tiras and home to one of the largest harbors in Azeroth.

As a result of the defeat of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's armada in Kalimdor and the ravages of the Shattering, Kul'Tiras has mostly remained isolated from the world, presumidly focusing the majority of its efforts on rebuilding its kingdom, its capital of Boralus, and its fleet.