Meriliah Forger, Squire to Mairaed Montclair
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Squire to Dame Mairaed Montclair

Date of Birth

9 March 607 K.C.


Stormwind Army



Immediate Relatives

Ariana Forger (adoptive mother - unknown)
Roland Marshall (adoptive father - unknown)
Eli Marshall (adoptive brother - alive)
Mairaed Montclair (Knight Master - alive)

 Squire Meriliah Marshall-Forger is a young paladin-in-training within the First Regiment of Stormwind.  Daughter of a simple blacksmith and scribe, she joined the Regiment with her brother, Eli Marshall, after their home of Theramore was destroyed.


The first impression anyone would get of Meri is that she is extremely tall.  Standing at 6'1 and only 15 years of age, she is generally taller than, or as tall as,  most people she knows.  She's very thin thanks to her height, making her appear quite a bit less feminine than she would like.  More than once she has been mistaken for a young boy, which is why she keeps her hair long.  She has green eyes, but the color can be mistaken for gold, brown, or blue depending on the light.  Her ears are only slightly pointed, thanks to her elven heritage, although it is not too noticable when her hair is down.

More often than not, she prefers to wear her uniform rather than any casual clothes.  If she's not in uniform, she likes to wear anything with the color green or blue, although preferably trousers and a loose shirt.  She usually wears some sort of ribbon in her hair as well.  She carries her axe with her at all times, along with a bag containing her few books and scrolls.


Work in Progress


Work in Progress