Racheal Symore Rancliff


Lt. Commander of the Stormwind Army
Stormwind Diplomat

Date of Birth

589 K.C.


Stormwind Army
Church of the Holy Light
Julian Merchant Company




Micheal M. Rancliff (Father, Alive)
Amilea Kent-Rancliff (Mother, Alive)
Joey Rancliff (Brother, Alive)

Racheal Rancliff currently holds the honored title of Lieutenant Commander of the Stormwind Army, a well earned position after being in the Army for over fifteen years. She is also a respected diplomat, representing Stormwind in various foreign matters.

She also co-owns a small, merchant company that works out of Booty Bay. She prefers to keep out of the company's matters, leaving the day-to-day workings to her brother and father.

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