Salome Bastad


Private in the First Regiment
Field Medic

Date of Birth

22 January 604 K.C.



Immediate Relations

Zyadet Bastad - Brother

Salome Dangereuse Bastad is a Private in the First Regiment of the Elwynn Brigade.


Salome is a typical female in appearance, not entirely too pretty, but not too plain, either, being somewhere near the middle. However, most often she is spotted in uniform, due to said uniform being the best clothing she has, and so her appearance could be said to be somewhat rough in comparison to other females. Not being very tall, or large, she is often found hanging on the edge of things, tugging on her clothing or otherwise trying to blend in, which given her lack of remarkable features isn't very difficult to do.


Before enlisting with the First Regiment, Salome had never left Stormwind City. As far back as she could remember, she had always been alone, and so clung to the skirts of the orphan matron until she grew old enough to be of use. Being around other children who got into scrapes quite often, she picked up her habit of being somewhat motherly and ready to aid others in tending to their wounds.


Easily startled, the best way to describe Salome would be to compare her to a timid mouse. She is one to follow orders most of the time, only pausing if she doesn't understand said order. Unfortunately, she is VERY easy to confuse, and so this does cause issue on occasion, but she is always striving to better herself, and once she understands what's going on, she sticks to the task at hand.

Once she is well acquainted with someone, however, Salome can be quite the cheerful individual, and even quirky.

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