Strongarm Airstrip - Alliance

Strongarm Airstrip

Strongarm Airstrip is an Alliance airfield in the Jade Forest. Captain Doren oversees its operation. The pandaren were at first curious about the site and volunteered to help the Alliance build it. However it became clear to them that they were building a war base.

A number of adventurers in service to the New Horde led a charge from their holdings in Honeydew Village, quickly overwhelming its defenders. After the Horde destroyed the gyrocopters and killed its defenders (including Captain Doren), the airbase was set aflame.

During the Conquest of the Jade Forest by Alliance forces based out of Paw'don Village, the airstrip was retaken by the Alliance for a time. The Alliance forces were withdrawn once the construction of Lion's Landing was completed, and the airstrip has since been reclaimed by the wilderness.


Adapted from Wowpedia.

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