Xopir Stormbrew








Spike Stormbrew - Son (Dead)


Teaching, Marksmanry, Engineering, Bartending, Demolition

Constable Xopir Elizabeth Stormbrew III is currently a Constable in the Stormwind City Watch. He hails from Dun Murough, but currently lives as a vagabond on the streets, without any real place of residence. 


Natural Dwarf AppearanceEdit

Xopir is rather handsome by appearance, with neatly groomed dirty blonde hair and beard. He usually wears expensive looking clothing, while rather dirty. (He propably found them in a dumpster somewhere.) If he removes his shirt, you can see his muscles, three whip lashes on his back, and an F on his chest he got from Fulgrim. He has several gadgets attached to his belt, as he is an engineer.

Current AppearanceEdit


He is an eccentric, but noble person. While he would be considered crazy by most people, he would still sacrifice himself in the line of battle.  He loves to drink. When he is on his off time, he can be found at The Blue Recluse or Bizmo's Brawlpub, his two favorite venues.


Xopir is the owner of many gadgets, as he is an engineer. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • A golden pocketwatch inscribed with runes
  • A scoped rifle
  • A wristband that summons his robot, Darry
  • A motorbike capable of deep sea exploration
  • A pair of goggles allowing him to connect to the watch records anytime, anywhere
  • A communicator
  • A pouch of small flares
  • A reusable flammable bear trap
  • An electronic beard trimmer



Xopir had a family for some time, around a year actually. He was married and had one son, but they were brutally murdered one day unexpectedly. From then on Xopir has tried to find a new wife, to replace the void within him. Although currently, he is more at peace.


Xopir's best friend is Haunte Tinkerzan, gnome extrordinare! They first met while Xopir was in the Cathedral District, but first got to talking at the Xopir's first watch meeting, where Haunte showed him an interesting book. They have been good friends ever since


It is no secret Xopir is not a fan of Kelbris Breen. Xopir calls him a useless excuse for a dwarf, and an annoying, disrespectful, immature twat (and that's coming from the guy who made explosive cheese.)

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